To all individuals identified by TTEC Services Corporation (“TTEC”) and to whom TTEC and Health Net, LLC (“Health Net”) sent notice on or about December 8, 2021. Their information may have been impacted in the Data Security Incident, defined in this website.

A proposed settlement has been reached in class action lawsuits titled Beasley v. TTEC Services Corp., No. 22-cv-00097-PAB-STV (D. Colo.); Anderson v. TTEC Services Corp., No. 22-cv-00347-PAB-NYW (D. Colo.); Lett v. TTEC Services Corp. et al., No. 3:22-cv-00018-SK (N.D. Cal.); and Barocas v. TTEC Services Corp., No. 2:22-cv-00217-JFM (D. Ariz.) (the “Lawsuits”). The Lawsuits assert claims against Defendants TTEC and Health Net (together, “Defendants”) related to a security incident (the “Data Security Incident”) that occurred between March and September 2021 and about which Defendants notified potentially impacted individuals in December 2021. Defendants deny all of the claims and deny that they did anything wrong.

The settlement offers payments and identity theft protection to all individuals in the United States (1) whose protected health information or personal identifying information was stored, possessed, or controlled by TTEC and (2) who were affected by the TTEC Data Security Incident that occurred in approximately March to September of 2021 (“Settlement Class Members”). Certain of the amounts paid will depend upon how many people submit valid claims, but awards are initially set as follows:

  1. A Basic Award of $100; and/or
  2. A California Subclass Award of $100 for California residents; and/or
  3. 36 months of free identity theft protection, called “Financial Shield” by Aura (aka Pango); and/or
  4. If you experienced unreimbursed unauthorized or fraudulent charges or Out-of-Pocket Expenses which you believe in good faith were fairly traceable to the Data Security Incident, you may also file a claim for a Reimbursement Award of up to $5,000, as explained below.

Your Legal Rights and Options in These Lawsuits
Submit a Claim Form by the September 6, 2023 deadline.

You must submit a valid Claim Form to receive a payment from this settlement. You may submit a claim online here, or instructions on how to obtain and submit a paper Claim Form are provided in FAQ 15.

Exclude yourself by the July 24, 2023 deadline.

You may exclude yourself from this settlement and keep your right to sue separately. If you exclude yourself, you receive no payment. Exclusion instructions are provided in FAQ 17. The deadline to Exclude yourself has now passed.

Object by the July 24, 2023 deadline.

If you do not exclude yourself, you may write to the Court to comment on or detail why you do not like the settlement by following the instructions in FAQ 20. The Court may reject your objection. You must still file a claim if you desire any monetary relief under the settlement. The deadline to Object has now passed.

Do nothing.

You will receive no payment and will no longer be able to sue Defendants over the claims resolved in the settlement.

These rights and options—and the deadlines to exercise them—are explained further on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page of this website.